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Evan & Pandemorial

Pandemorial is a project by Brooklyn artist Evan Yee. 

Yee is an artist, designer and welder that enjoys sculpting high end furniture and metalwork. Yee has collaborated with designers such as ‘Chen and Kai’, ‘Reed Hansuld’, ‘Vonnegut  Kraft’, ‘Paul Mathieu’ and more.

Yee’s fine arts pedigree has seen him featured in residencies such as the Rauschenberg Residency and in museums and galleries such as the Parrish Art Museum, The Hole Gallery and Wallplay. His conceptual art installations include his show “The App Store - a contemporary critique of modern technology”,  and a collaborative show called “The Museum of Capitalism” in Oakland, California, USA. Through his art, Yee attempts to comment, and shift the narrative on global, humanitarian issues, and experiences.

Pandemorial is Yee’s endeavour to find his own artistic way to contribute and applaud front line / healthcare workers. In this pursuit, Yee takes the universally recognized and sometimes divisive mask symbol and transforms it into a 14ka gold plated trophy with the intention of raising money.

As per his request, 50% of all proceeds will be donated to a charity of your choice ( Doctors without borders, Frontline Family Fund, Unicef, Association for India’s Development ).

Q&A with Evan


Q: Why did you want to donate 50% to Charity?

  • " As an artist, I know I can't help people in the way they need help the most when it comes to the Pandemic. However, what I do know how to do is make art, and help people express emotion through my art. So, the best way I thought, to combine both, would be to use my art for charity"

Q: Out of all the things you could've made, why a pendant?

  • “ I wanted to make the trophy as a pendant because I want people to be able to wear a constant reminder of a time they donated to charity and made a difference”.
  • "You know, normally a statue, memento, or monument is fixed to a single location, and embodies the values of the specific place, but in our case, there isn’t a single person I know that wasn’t affected by Covid, and it certainly isn’t just in one place either. Therefore, it made sense for me to make something everyone can carry with them". 

Q: Do you think "the mask" is a sensitive topic ?

  • "I often think about how, and through what medium I can express and communicate my message. That being said, I chose to make a mask not because it can be divisive around the world, but because it’s universally recognized. The symbolism of a mask transcends language, color, and culture. What we have is a uniquely human issue, an Earth Issue".